So I have been volunteering at Comicpalooza this year and I really enjoyed doing it. I will be making another post about that later, but let me tell you about Sam Huntington. Sam is amazing! I went to visit his table and got his autograph on the cover of my copy of Detroit Rock City. While I was there I told him that I connected with his character, Jeremiah. The reason being was that my mother had a friend who was weirdly religious; a bible thumper. I even told him that when she would come visit my house I had to hide my collection of action figures from the horror films I loved. He told me, “I have had people tell me that they connect with him because they had crazy mothers. I guess you were lucky and only got to see an extent of that.” I replied, “Yes, I was very fortunate not to have that, although my mom was an officer and therefore had me on a short leash.” We then began to talk about how I wanted to become a forensic artist and he wished me the best of luck. An hour later, I found myself first in line for his photo-op. When I walked in there he saw me and said, “Hey, it’s you again.” He hugged me and before the photographer took the photo I asked, “Do you mind if we hold this pose?” “Not at all, man,” he replied. (He gives amazing hugs)

Sam is a real gem. I really hope you all get to meet him someday.  

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